2012 Events     

Dec 2      
Event/Topic :  2012 Tianjin Oversea Talent Recruitment Conference
Location :  Cambridge, MA
Nov 7 - 8      
Event/Topic :  Hangzhou International Talent Communication and Cooperation Conference
Location :  Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Oct 4      
Event/Topic :  The Third Industrial Revolution and Intellectual Energy Industry in China
Speaker :  LuoJianWei, Harvard Business School GMP, Vice-President of Human Resources,Envision Energy
Aug 7      
Event/Topic :  Shandong Cooperative Entrepreneurial Conference with Oversea Talents
Location :  Cambridge,Boston
June 16      
Event/Topic :  Zhejiang Private Capital and Oversea Talents Communication and Cooperation Conference
Location :  MIT Walker Memorial,Morss Hall
May 26      
Event/Topic :   Meeting with Nanjing Delegation
Location :  Boston
Apr 26 – 27      
Event/Topic :  The Fifth Nanjing International Communication and Cooperation Conference for Oversea Scholars
Location :  Nanjing, Jiangsu
Apr 24-25      
Event/Topic :   Oversea Talent Jiaxing Trip
Location :  Jiaxing, Zhejiang
Mar 24      
Event/Topic :   Innovation in Chongqing
Speaker :  Deputy Director Mr. Zongwei Tang, Chongqing Two Rivers Area Administrative Committee
Feb 29      
Event/Topic :   The Success and Failure Stories of Innovation Growth in China
Speaker :  Mr. Jia Hepeng, Founder and Former Editor-in-chief of Science News Magazine
Feb 29      
Event/Topic :   Multinational's R&D Operations and Their Patent Strategies in China
Speaker :  Dr. Liang Zheng, Fulbright Scholar at MIT Industrial Performance Center
Feb 14      
Event/Topic :   Innovation of Oversea Talents in Wuxi
Location :  New York
Jan 28      
Event/Topic :   New England Chinese Professionals Lunar Year Gala & Community Enrichment Forum
Speaker :  Ms. Cheng Ai, Hostess of Expo2010 Shanghai China; Mr. Fan Zhao, CCTV Chinese Spring Festival Gala Associate Director
Jan 10      
Event/Topic :   Experience of Returned Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs
Speaker :  Dr. Dongping Zhu, Chairman of SCOBA; Ms. Jingsong Xu, Director of Science and Technology Bureau, Xuanwu, Nanjing