2011 Events     

Dec 3      
Event/Topic :   Attracting Hi-Tech Business Projects
Speaker :  Delegation from Shaoxin Binhai New Area
Nov 20      
Event/Topic :  South Taihu Talent Program
Speaker :  Huzhou City Delegation
Oct 25      
Event/Topic :  Attracting Talents and Investment, Promotion and Cooperation
Speaker :   Mr. Luming Zhou, Chairman of Shenzhen Science and Technology Association; Dr. Ronpeng Liu, President of Shenzhen Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology
Oct 14      
Event/Topic :  Introduction of Chinese High-Tech Companies (Such as Hisense) Going Global
Speaker :  Delegation from Hisense
Sep 29      
Event/Topic :  How to Serve the Chinese Companies Who Are Expanding to Abroad
Speaker :  Xiaoqing Zhang, a Partner at Ernst & Young, http://www.ey.com/; Xin Liu, Global Chief Executive Officer of Hipower Energy Group, www.hipowergroup.com.
Aug 17      
Event/Topic :  Innovation of Business Models
Speaker :  15 Businessmen and Businesswomen from Taiwan
July 30      
Event/Topic :  Meeting with Overseas High Level Talents
Speaker :  Delegation from Guangdong Province
Event/Topic :   Visit Boston High-tech Companies and Meet with Entrepreneurs
Speaker :  SIP Science & Technology Development
July 16      
Event/Topic :  Risk Management in Pharmaceutical R&D
Speaker :   Dr. Meijia Yang, Portfolio Manager, Merck Serono Pharmaceuticals
Julye 14      
Event/Topic :   Guangdong Overseas Chinese Think Tanks and Guangdong Province Independent Innovation, Transformation and Upgrading
Speaker :  Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and Sun Yat-Sen University
June 14      
Event/Topic :  A new career model for Chinese returnees: Entrepreneurship opportunities with domestic private enterprises
Speaker :  Dr. Junbin Hu, Strategic Investment Advisor of Xingyue Group and Chairman of China America Biotech Development Association
Event/Topic :   Meet with Boston Oversea Talents
Speaker :  Hisense Corporate Management and Qingdao City Officials
May 10      
Event/Topic :   Energy issue and Other High-tech issues
Speaker :  128cute Delegation
Apr 25      
Event/Topic :  Technology Entrepreneur's Walk in Zhejjiang
Speaker :   Mr. Ma Yi, Mayor of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Mar 27      
Event/Topic :   Technology Entrepreneur's Walk in Zhejjiang
Speaker :  128cute Delegation
Mar 5      
Event/Topic :   Entrepreneurship in China - The opportunities and challenges of Chinese returnees
Speaker :  Dr. Huiyao Wang, Director General, Center for China and Globalization www.ccg.org.cn; Vice Chairman, China Western Returned Scholars Association www.wrsa.net
Feb 13      
Event/Topic :   2011 New England Chinese New Year Gala
Speaker :  12 New England Chinese Professional Organizations
Location :   Marriott Boston, 2345 Commonwealth Ave, Newton, MA
Feb 20      
Event/Topic :  Unification and Harmony Creat a Win-Win World
Speaker :  Huatuo CEO Forum
Jan 20      
Event/Topic :   Preparing and Building an Innovative Business
Speaker :   Dr. Peter Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Nexcelom Bioscience