2008 Events     

Dec 13      
Event/Topic :  The Role of Local Government in Encouraging Entrepreneurial Activities and a Success Story/IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in China
Speaker :  Mr. Xiangyu Guo, Vice Mayor, City of Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China/Mr. John Peng, SVP, Head of Global Delivery, iSoftstone Corp.
Nov 20      
Event/Topic :  Intellectual Property Considerations for a New Technology/How to Merge with or Acquire an Existing Company?
Speaker :   Dr. Ian Liu, K&L Gates/ Mr. Mingyuan Guo, Sunbelt Business Sales and Acquisition
Oct 9      
Event/Topic :   Realizing China Dream: What is the right opportunity for me and how should I be prepared?
Speaker :  Dr. Yajun Xu, VP Biology and Preclinical Development, VP Corporate Development, ChemPartner
Sept 11      
Event/Topic :  Sour, Sweet, Bitter, and Hot: A Returnee’s Entrepreneurial Experience in China
Speaker :  Dr. ChunLin Chen, CEO, Medicilon/MPI
Aug 7      
Event/Topic :  Penetrating US and China Markets with Optimized Resources
Speaker :   Dr. Yanming Liu, CEO, Salira Systems, Inc.
Event/Topic :  relude to drug discovery: New faces, Same old stories/Application of Science and Technology Grants, and Registration and Approval of Drug and Medical Devices in China
Speaker :  Prof. Weiming Xia, Harvard Medical School/ Prof. Feng Chen, Former Director of the Office of Management, Center for Drug Evaluation, SFDA; Former Associate Professor at The National Natural Science Foundation of China
June 11      
Event/Topic :  Multinational RD Centers in China and How to Develop Connections with Chinese Businesses
Speaker :   Prof. Lan Xue, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University
May 8      
Event/Topic :   Global Strategic Positioning and Innovation Leadership/ Dr. Min Tan, VP Engineering of MatchMine
Speaker :  Dr. Graham Rong, Managing Director of IDA/Dr. Min Tan, VP Engineering of MatchMine
Apr 3      
Event/Topic :   Brainstorming on the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry
Speaker :  All
Feb 23      
Event/Topic :   Viaon's Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP)/An Introduction to Suzhou Industrial Park
Speaker :  Dr. Dennis Xu, Chairman of the Board, Viaon Technology Corp./Mr. Di Ma, Manager, Investment Promotion Division, SIP Science & Technology Development Co.Ltd.
Feb 7      
Event/Topic :   Opportunities and Challenges of Doing Business in China
Speaker :   Dr. Hua Jiang, CEO and Board Director, Sanlian Group; Chairman and CEO, Boston Applied Technologies, Inc.
Jan 17      
Event/Topic :   My Experience in China as a Returning Scholar - A Suzhou Story
Speaker :   Dr. Boxin Ou, Partner and President of Brunswick Laboratories