2007 Events     

Dec 13      
Speaker :  Cancelled due to heavy storm
Nov 13      
Event/Topic :   Sohu.Com and the Internet Industry of China
Speaker :  Mr. James Deng,Senior Finance Director and Financial Controller, Sohu.Com
Oct 18      
Event/Topic :  Case Study – A Private Equity Firm in China’s Energy Industry
Speaker :  Mr. Xinli Cui, Vice President of Investment, BTU Ventures
Sep 27      
Event/Topic :  Corporate and Personal Taxation in US and China
Speaker :   Mr. Kaitzev Wei, EA, CFP, MST, MS, Founder and President of Financial and Taxation Services, Inc.
Aug 16      
Event/Topic :  Discussion of American Management
Speaker :  Mr. Daniel Feng, Director of Engineering and Manufacturing, BioDefense Corporation Dr. Hongshan Li, Senior Principal, Pall Corporation
Jul 26      
Event/Topic :   How to Catch the Fast Moving Train – the Chinese Economy?
Speaker :  Dr. Jim Xu, COO and Founder of E.T. Media
Jun 20      
Event/Topic :   Managing Your Career Growth in Corporate America
Speaker :  Mr. Peter Zhu, Director of Marketing Analytics, Staples
May 30      
Event/Topic :  Building and Leading Business in US and China
Speaker :  Mr. Yong Zhang, COO & EVP, Salary.com
Apr 26      
Event/Topic :   Dong Feng and Auto Business in China and Abroad
Speaker :  Mr. ChunRong Li, EVP, Dong Feng YueDa Kia (DYK) Motors, Co. Ltd.
Mar 22      
Event/Topic :   How to Enter into the Main Stream of the American Society?
Speaker :   Mr. John Teng, Founder and Chairman of The Asians of Pacific Caucus Democratic Party (US East Coast)
Feb 1      
Event/Topic :   How to Transition Chinese Firms into World Class Corporations?
Speaker :  Mr. Charls Zhao, SVP, TCl
Jan 16      
Event/Topic :  Semiconductor Lasers and the Applications
Speaker :  Dr. Wei Gao, President, Axcel Photonics, Inc.