2006 Events     

Dec 16      
Event/Topic :   My Experience as a Business Executive for Small High-Tech Companies
Speaker :  Dr. John Zhang, President, Systems Analytics, Inc.
Nov 16      
Event/Topic :   Chemical Sensors and Applications/Real Life Business Experience in US and in China
Speaker :  Dr. Quan Shi,Principal Engineer, SIONEX Corp./Dr. Jim Xu, COO of E.T. Media
Oct 19      
Event/Topic :   TCL and TV Business in China and Abroad/Micrometer Array Chip for Display Applications
Speaker :  Mr. Charls Zhao, SVP of TCL/Dr. Xingtao Wu, President, Microscale, Inc.
Sep 20      
Event/Topic :  Hot Technology and Business Opportunities Today
Speaker :  All
Aug 16      
Event/Topic :   Negotiating and Finalizing an Investment Agreement and/or Equity Purchase Agreement
Speaker :   Mr. Terry Tsiao, COO, Way Systems, Inc.
Jul 20      
Event/Topic :  How to Raise VC/Angel/Seed Money as a Chinese or Chinese American Owned Company, Especially in China?
Speaker :   Dr. George Yang, Chief Economist, Zhong Guan Chun Shiner Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Jun 21      
Event/Topic :   Inauguration
Speaker :  All