Dr. Yi Zhao     

Dr. Zhao received her M.D in China , Ph. D. of Geriatric Medicine from Osaka University in Japan and Postdoctoral fellow from Harvard Medical School . Dr. Zhao has over 10 years’ of hands on experience in basic biomedical , preclinical and translational research and extensive experience in technology transfer . She has founded three companies in Health care and the technology transfer in the US and China , and is currently the CEO of YL Healthcare Group , LLC and YL Technology Transfer Center LLC in China . Dr. Zhao spent 14 years in Japan , 15 years studying and working in the United States . The influence and integration of three educational cultures creates a quality and professionalism to Dr. Zhao became a greater business development adviser in multiple nationals . The ten years of international technology transfer in health care and medical information system , has aided Dr. Zhao’s ability to cross the Medical science and computer science fields to be an interdisciplinary talent . Dr. Zhao has a full understanding of the most advanced technology in the Health care and medical information and had integrated the internet and internet of things’ technologies to an advanced informational Medical services platform in China . The platform will be able to connect to hospitals , pharmacy’s , doctors and patients from the world . It will provide a comprehensive medical services and medical train program .