Dr. Xiaoming Zhang     

Dr. John Zhang is currently a Founder and President of Systems Analytics . The company develops and applies data mining and pattern recognition software for the analysis of biological data . The software has been used by biotech and pharmaceutical companies , environmental conscious organizations , and healthcare industry to identify accurate and robust biomarkers for various applications . The software also finds applications in financial data analysis , web information mining , and marketing or business intelligence development . He is also the general manager of Shuneng Network Technology Company , www .snvote .com , developing and popularizing a fair and just voting platform which removes the effect of fraudulent votes . Prior to this , Dr. Zhang was Vice President of Engineering at Delta Search Labs . Working closely with MIT , Harvard , and major investment companies , the firm searches , incubates , and develops technologies with large commercialization potentials . Before that , Dr. Zhang served as Vice President of Technology at Sparkice , Inc , an e-commerce company sourcing products made in China for retailers in western countries through internet . He was a program manager at Aerodyne Research , Inc . , managing the development and marketing of engineering software products , and a senior engineering consultant for Earth Technology Corp . ( now part of Tyco Corp . ) . Dr. Zhang received his BS , MS , and PhD from Zhejiang University , Beijing University , and MIT , respectively . He is currently the Chairman of 128 Chinese Union of Technology Enterprises ( 128cute ) .