Ms. Yuan Yan     

Eileen has more than 15 year’s experiences in semiconductor and data storage industry . Her research interests include photolithography process and wafer level integration in Magnetic Data Storage Industry , Semiconductor Industry , Emerging Memory Industry , Magnetic Sensor and MEMS Industry . She currently also holds vice president and advisor position in MutiDimension Technology . Eileen Yan was with Seagate , Intel and Hitachi before joining SMIC . She was the technical director in SMIC . She is the cofounder of MutiDimension Technology , now she works as Deputy Director in China R&D Center for Internet of Things ,and also a Deputy Director in Intelligent sensor engineering center of China R&D Center for Internet of Things . Eileen received her B. S. in Polymer Materials and Engineering from East China University of Chemical Engineering and Technology , Shanghai , China and her MS . in Polymer Science and Engineering from Laval University , Quebec , Canada .