Dr. Zhimin Xu     

Dr. Xu is CEO of ET Media , Inc and has over 20 years of experiences in digital communications , embedded systems designs , expert systems , artificial intelligence , business development and corporate administrative managements . Since 1990 , Dr. Xu has been working in Boston 128 high-tech areas , during his decades of working experiences ; he has been in various positions from design engineer , chief engineer , director of engineering as well as the GM of business unit . Started 2002 , he was the COO of ET Media , Inc . and become CEO of ET Media , Inc in 2009 . ET Media has multiple offices in China to design and manufacture of HD IPTV , interactive media systems such remote clinic diagnosis , video conference , AI deep learning and IOT ( Internet of Things ) measurement systems . Those systems can be used for behavior monitoring and measurement monitoring in many vertical markets . Dr. Xu is member NAB , IEEE member , Senior Network Advisor of International Car Union of UK , and Professor of college of Phoenix Media , Suzuo University . He has Ph . D. in Dept of EECE from Northeastern University in Boston .