Dr. Hepeng Jia     

Jia is now a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University researching in science communications . He is the founder and executive director of China Science Media Centre and former editor-in-chief of Science News Bi-weekly , China's first magazine for the science community . He will start a PhD education in science policy at Ohio State University from August 2012 . Upon his graduation from Tsinghua University in 1999 , Jia has joined China Daily and worked there for eight years . Since June 2005 , he has been working as UK-based SciDev .Net's regional coordinator for China and is responsible for the Chinese version China Gateway of SciDev .Net . He also writes for the Science magazine and UK magazine Chemistry World . In November 2006 , Jia became the regional co-winner of Reuters-IUCN world awards of the environmental reporting . In April 2007 , Jia was elected as the executive board member of the World Federation of Science Journalists at the fifth World Conference of Science Journalists in Melbourne and he was re-elected to this position in July 2009 . He is also an active member of the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Journalism ( CSSTJ ) and the founding director of China Science Reporting Network . Jia has been reporting climate change since early 2000s and organized dozens of climate change communication activities since 2006 . He is the editor and chief author of book “How to Report Climate Change” ( British Council 2008 ) . He is the author of book “Science Communication in An Era of Globalization” ( China Popular Science Press 2007 ) , Science in Controversies ( China Popular Science Press 2011 ) , Climate Change Journalism ( Nanfang Daily Press 2011 ) , and the translator of political science masterpiece “The Ruling Class” ( Nanjing: Yilin Press 2002 ) . Jia is also the writer of many science journalism papers presented to top levels of international science journalism/science communication meetings . So far , he has trained more than 3000 journalists across China , with funding from UNESCO , British Embassy and British Council , on climate change , science , and environment since 2006 .